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RSS feeds via APIs

I found this useful site that provides RSS access to a number of websites via API. I was curious if these APIs could be integrated into TT-RSS plugin, and if theres interest from a community member of undertaking such a task? Unfortunately this is beyond my level of skill currently.

I’ve found RSS Bridge is a great tool for this as well. Works nicely and supports user authentication for sites like Facebook.

I can send RSS Bridge - I use it heaps in my TinyTinyRSS so I can still see things I like (Instagram people, Facebook Posts from Public companies etc) without having to visit those hellholes.

However personally I don’t think there’s a place for it to be integrated into TinyTinyRSS, they belong as they are, something else you point TinyTinyRSS at.

Just my 0.02c for what little it’s worth.