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I just wanted to verify that the forum feed address was http://tt-rss.org/forum/rss.php because that is what I was using and now it has quit working. I’m getting an HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden which I believe is an IP block, but wanted to verify. I lost 3 feeds, so I figure it is an IP block.

Here’s the link I use: https://community.tt-rss.org/posts.rss

My feed reader still uses (the old?) http://tt-rss.org/forum/rss.php which is simply a redirect to https://community.tt-rss.org/posts.rss.

http://discourse.tt-rss.org/posts.rss should also work for you as it does for me

I’m using https://tt-rss.org/forum/feed.php and that works.

you’re probably running into cloudflare not liking your IP for some reason, i don’t have any IP blocks on tt-rss.org.

Thanks everyone. And thanks fox.

Would cloudflare also be the reason that git is returning a 403 error as well?

And what is the best way to get cloudflare to unblock me?

try checking out from a different computer (i.e. your own PC instead of a vds) or connection.

also, you can PM me your tt-rss server IP address, i’ll check the logs just in case it’s something else.

no idea but they probably do have some kind of abuse contact address you could email.