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RSS feed for forums?

I tried searching, but did not find. Is this the best place(or only) to get the rss feeds for the forum?


There is also https://discourse.tt-rss.org/posts.rss ( it is the landing point of the old url: http://tt-rss.org/forum/rss.php )

I think it is possible to create RSS feed for almost anything on discourse by adding .rss to the end of any url that you want to have a RSS feed of. For example, https://discourse.tt-rss.org/u/fox/activity/topics.rss fetches the topics created by fox, so that you can stay up-to-date on ttrss development & general announcements without having to go through individual bug reports, feature requests, questions, and so on that comes with the default RSS subscription to the forum. This is really a cool feature.

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