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Request for permission to fork

I’d like to add some minor changes to classes/db.php to allow a user to set SSL options in config.php: specifying an x.509 certificate authority and ciphers to use. I’ve been using these for a few months without issue and thought I should contribute

I don’t think you have request to fork it, do you?
I mean it’s git, you can just check it out, make your changes, submit a pull request and see if it’s accepted?

this seems like a thing not many people would use or care about, so i’d prefer to not bloat up config.php with it. also, with the way things are going (i.e containers) there’s not much point in it, i think.

he means git.tt-rss.org gogs instance, no repository rights unless whitelisted.

No worries, I just thought I’d offer.

btw, i’ve bumped your repo limit anyway, in case you have other ideas in the future :slight_smile: