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Regular Expressions Help

I know this has probably been asked before, but I couldn’t find the right answer when I searched.

I need a filter that will only show me those with the words: Language: English

I’ve tried this, “Language: English” but it didn’t work and still showed the non-english when there was new stories.

Here’s an example feed:


Thanks so much in advance.

Pretty straight forward.

  1. Prefs -> Filters -> Create Filter
  2. Caption “AO3 English Only” (or whatever you wish)
  3. Match -> Add
  4. Match “Language: English”
  5. Click “Inverse regular expression matching” (keeping the English articles and deleting French et al.)
  6. On field “Content”
  7. Select the feed you want to filter (AO3 works, ….)
  8. Add Rule
  9. Apply Actions -> Add
  10. Mark As Read or Delete Article (up to you)
  11. Add Action
  12. Test

You should be all set.

I’ve followed all the steps you’ve written but when I run the test I can see stories where the language is not english, like the following story:


The filter runs during feed import, did that article already exist? Has a new non-English article been found?

A filter won’t go against the database and delete the already existing matches. FYI.

Then the filter actually works as intended. The test function shows all matching articles (where the language ist not English). Those will be handled by whatever action you did select. And as rodneys_missions already said, articles in the database won’t be affected, only new ones.

Thanks for the help. I don’t know why I thought it would work on the existing stories as well.

Thanks again.