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Refresh interval with a large number of feeds - load concerns?

Thank you fox and everyone for such a well made and well supported product.

I have ~900 feeds, some of which are large groups against a domain - for example, many subreddits on Reddit and Twitter via scraping apps. To not piss off them and smaller site owners, I keep the refresh interval as long as I can to balance updates vs my concern for site load. Am I being overly concerned? Is there any type of site - ranging from large ones like Reddit, to someone’s small blog, that would care about a 15min interval? Has this thought been put into the default interval, which is why it’s default?

tt-rss has measures in place to prevent unnecessary data being sent (using HTTP if-modified-since) when supported by server.

yes, you can’t go lower because of this.

larger sites like reddit are not going to notice you, however if you search this forum you can find reports from extremely angry tiny blog owners coming here whining that tt-rss installed by someone has been hitting their site like twice a day which is obviously unacceptable yadda yadda.

some people have nothing better to do than obsessing over their apache logs and single digit daily visit counts. i wouldn’t worry too much about them. nobody else is going to ever care.