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Reeder v4 not working with Fever API

Well, it’s a good app but not the same level when I look at swipe gestures (swipe to close article, swipe to view original, etc.) and aesthetics…

Yeah, Reeder does have a beautiful interface, but that means very little if it simply doesn’t work.

V4 been working fine here since release.

yikes 20char

You should invest some time in how to use a proxy server.

I ended up using a script (acme like) to pull the cert down, so now Reeder4 is logged in, but I seem to be having your problem … its taking “forever” to sync?

Update: no it finished, its ok now

I like Fiery Feeds. Not quite as pretty as Reeder, but very feature rich with gestures, etc. Main downside is a 10$ yearly subscription (I think, I got it on sale a year or so ago).

I’m also using Fiery Feeds. I use the free version, which is more than fine.