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Public instances?

Hey there,

I’d like to use tt-rss but I can’t self-host atm. I was wondering if there is a free public instance available somewhere. There is this old thread https://tt-rss.org/oldforum/viewtopic.php?t=2220 which name a few but all of them are either dead or closed for new registrations. There is http://readtiny.com/ but it doesn’t support SSL…

Thanks in advance.

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is it just me or are those people masquerading as tt-rss developers
not seeing any attribution or tt-rss.org links there at all

e: also its not free

e2: http://bizgrok.com/ holy lol just look at their corporate site, this vintage web 1.0 feel

Start reading at the section What’s with the name?

And it’s not free, but neither is bandwidth or electricity. US$1/month is not at all unreasonable – especially since they don’t have any ads on the site.

don’t get me wrong, i don’t have a problem with that, its just that op was interested in free instances.

i think people should host their own stuff. it’s not hard.

I can offer you an account on my own server for free.

I would only like in return a normal use, not things like +300 feeds, or something like that. Just a “Don’t be a dick Policy”.

Of course, I cannot offer any warranty. If you are interested, PM me.

Díd http://readtiny.com/ change their text? I can see TT-RSS mention and link there.

yeah this has already been brought up above, the whole layout is an unreadable blob of text so it’s easy to miss :shrug: