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Progressive Web App (PWA)

Hi, it would nice to extends the Tiny Tiny RSS Frontend to an PWA. I know there is a App for mobile devices. This is fine but I want to use the web frontend on my desktop PC in a more direct way than starting the browser, open a new Tab and inserting the URL.

The first Steps to a PWA are realy simple.

  • Create a Manifest
  • Create a Service Worker
  • Register both in your HTML and JS code.

I have do so in a local copy of the repository. Now I can install the PWA with Chrome or Microsoft Edge into my System, I get a start menü entry and a stand alone window for tt-rss.

In the future we can do some more stuff with the service worker (caching, offline availability, push notifications)

@fox: Can I get the permissions to fork your repository? My username on gog is “sebastiansit”


this isn’t really a web hosting for every other person with ideas. i suggest you start on github or gitlab etc, and if you have something that works and makes sense to add into trunk, then we’ll talk.

“let’s add a service worker and maybe do something useful with it later” is not one of those things.

Hi @fox,

I have something that works!

What I want is the possibility to install Tiny Tiny RSS. This is solved by my Service Worker in combination with a manifest file.

All the other thinks I told you are only suggestions that can be discussed.