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Presenting Angular WebApp

Hello there,
after the death of Windows Phone I stopped developing my tt-rss windows universal app.
Instead I tried out angular and managed to create a usable progressive web app.
It definitely hasn’t all the features of the native app or web client, but I use it as default for some time now.
Please have a look here for more information:

I would be happy on any feedback.

Current features:

  • list articles of feeds or categories, including special feeds
  • mark articles as read, starred or published
  • light and dark material theme
  • shortcut navigation
  • share articles (mobile only on supported browsers that implement share-api)
  • mark all articles of feed as read (catchup feed)
  • mark multiple headlines as starred, read, published
  • link to external source of article

or have a look at these videos: https://thescientist.eu/?p=42

Thank you and have a nice day!