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Prefs: TypeError: App.isCombinedMode is not a function

With the latest commit,

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Press any key

Error dialog pops up with
TypeError: App.isCombinedMode is not a function

[email protected]://rss.xxx/js/AppBase.js?1591111284:198:20
[email protected]://rss.xxx/js/prefs.js?1591111284:132:26
initSecondStage/[email protected]://rss.xxx/prefs.js?1591111284:88:48

I renamed my plugins.local folder to be sure it wasn’t plugin-related.

yeah, i’m aware of this but forgot to actually sit and fix it. maybe tomorrow unless someone gets to it first :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find what caused the change when going over the commits quickly, but I’m guessing a missing if (App.isPrefs()) return; statement somewhere.

man, i have a pretty good laptop, but i seriously prefer to do code-related stuff on a proper PC. 14" screen is not enough.

Agreed! It’s annoying, which is why I went for the 17.3" laptop :sweat_smile:

Thx for the fix!

god almighty /20char

e: i have a 27" monitor on my main pc (which replaced 2x24") so even that monster won’t be quite the same thing lol

I used a laptop for YEARS… then finally setup a Debian desktop system with a 24" monitor. What a difference in productivity.

They’re so heavy, though. I mean, not as heavy as 10 years ago, but compared to a 13" laptop.

This one’s 2kg, I used to hurl around a 2.3kg 2.5kg 15" one, so whatever, rly :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all relative, man :wink:

My Lenovo is 1.5 kg and I get annoyed with its weight. :man_shrugging: (I did most of my surfing on an iPad for years, so I kind of got spoiled.)

for me 14" is the sweet spot, 15.6 and larger is just too much to haul around and I can’t get anything done on a 13", it’s just too tiny

why am i derailing this thread :thinking:

T480 here (replaced T440S) :slight_smile:

Because we’re done! :partying_face:

T480, sweet stuff.

T-series are awesome. My wife has one for work.

I have a L380 Yogo. I picked it because it cost a bit less and it was my first time venturing away from Apple so I wasn’t sure. No regrets though. Thing is solid. I upgraded RAM and SSD this year. I like that I can pretty much replace/repair any part of it if I need to.

Also… Not sure I could ever go back to a non-convertible laptop. The versatility it just amazing.

yeah convertibles are nice, when i was replacing my T440S i thought about getting a Yoga or something like that i.e. you know thin and modern and maybe without huge bezels, but in the end decided to go with another boring T-series again. it’s not a chick magnet but it works. :slight_smile:

Never could get over the finger marks on my old touch screen laptop, but this might be a lot “less bad” with those Yoga’s. How’s the coating (I suppose it can’t be matte), it is “anti-glare enough”?

Fingerprints don’t bother me; I use just wipe the screen down with my sleeve.

I also tend to work indoors at night so I don’t really have a lot of glare. Obviously every device will be different. There’s a bit of anti-reflective coating on my Lenovo but it doesn’t seem as effective as, say, an iPad Pro or something.

T-series always had matte screens but brightness is so pathetically bad you can’t work outside anyway.

it’s shameful, really.

e: well maybe a really large cave could be considered “outside”

Yeah I guess it all depends on the use case and if you’re willing to not be bothered by it, you’re good :+1:

I know, but I reckon this might be different due to them Yoga’s having touch screens (and according to the specs I just looked up, I’m right)…