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Preferences: group count not updated

In the preferences, I moved a feed from one group to another one. The old group was empty in the end but it still showed the count of 4, which was correct when I opened the preferences.

v19.2 (b13b3f1)
(idea: this text could be selectable in the prefs, currently I have to open it in the inspector to copy)

MacOs Chrome latest release

i have no idea what you’re talking about, particularly “The old group was empty in the end but it still showed the count of 4,” this part. either rephrase or someone will have to translate this for me.

And what happened when you reopened the preferences? I’m sure it showed a count of 0! Most certainly because the count is calculated only when you open the preferences… It’s peculiar but is it a bug? I don’t think so. Is it inconvenient? Not even that.

The count of the items in a group seems to be calculated when opening the prefs, and not refreshed when moving items between groups.
See attached screenshot: I moved an item in an empty group and it still shows count 0. After refreshing it would show 1.

yeah, i guess. i’m not sure if its worth the trouble to recalculate those on the fly though.

If you mean performance wise, I think only the source and target group need to be recalculated after an item has been moved.

performance isn’t the problem here, those numbers are generated with the tree, there’s no code to dynamically update them when the tree changes.