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Plugin to delete individual entry?

Is there a plugin to delete individual entries? As I mentioned elsewhere I use TT-RSS more as an aggregator for searches than something that shows the latest-and-greatest - many of my feeds have no expiration dates. However sometimes I know the entries won’t be relevant to me, e.g., it’s a technical blog what has occasional asides, or some of the older entries have contain information that’s no longer pertinent.

I can delete the entries from the database but that’s not as convenient as doing something via the UI and the articles may be redownloaded anyway - for now I’ve been nuking the content but leaving everything else alone but maybe there’s a better way to do this. If there is I’m sure it’s a plugin.

(This isn’t archiving (or I don’t understand what archiving means) - I want the feeds to have no expiration date since since I want them updating even if I go months between checks individual feeds. Nothing will ever expire but if I want to nuke something I want it permanently gone.)

You can delete articles from the UI by:

  1. Selecting the article(s).
  2. From the Select… drop down, choose Archive.
  3. Select the Archived articles feed.
  4. Select the article(s).
  5. From the Select… drop down, choose Delete.

You should be aware that if the articles are still in the source feed they will simply be re-added to TT-RSS. I delete articles that I’ve added via things like the Share Anything feature, or ones that are left-over from unsubscribed feeds.

What you may want to look into is filters.

If you’re looking for something that let’s you bring articles in, then delete them easily later so you never see them again regardless of whether or not they’re in the source feeds, that doesn’t exist but you could probably do it via a plugin.

(Storage is cheap these days, does it matter if an article hangs around?)

Yes because I’m using this to feed searches and want to drop outdated information. Anyone who’s used Stack Overflow knows exactly why I want to do this. :slight_smile: