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Panels and menu messed up

My server died and I reinstalled TTRSS, for some reason all the panels are messed up and menu is missing.
I am login as a regular user
When I login as Admin - all is fine.
Created a new user, imported OPL file with my feeds (exported from a previous version) and all is messed up again.

Updating from Git,
Just tried to update- it says it is up to date.
Cleared cookies, tried couple of browsers.

Debian server: buster/sid
SQL Server version: 10.3.13-MariaDB-1 Debian buildd-unstable
Php not sure which one - have installed php 5 and 7
PHP 7.3.3-1 (cli) (built: Mar  7 2019)

if it works for admin user, it could be theme or user css messing things up. try removing any third party themes from themes & themes.local; check for any files untracked by git in there.

e: No css loaded on main page

Thanks for the quick reply.
As per the link you gave me, there was default.css file there, probably from old install.
Downloaded the source afresh and it started to work.

Another problem was- icons of the feeds missing. Folder feed-icons was empty - restored the icons from a previous backup, all is good now.

Thank you for fixing it. You can close the thread.