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OPML file export/import: feed Readability status not included?

From further reading I know that af_readability is well discussed here.

But forum search did not reveal any relevant answer for my problem, at least for my level of knowledge.

Describe the problem you’re having:

Exporting OPML with settings does not include the per feed readability setting

If possible include steps to reproduce the problem:

  • log in as admin user
  • export OPML with all settings. For ca. 210 feeds, in the feed preferences section Plugins the checkbox for Readability/Inline article content is set to TRUE
  • import this OPML file into newly created non-admin user

Expected behaviour:

  • import of OPML file with settings should create exact duplicate behaviour
  • Inline article content setting should be imported as TRUE

Observed behaviour:

  • import of all settings works fine for ca. 230 feeds in ca. 40 categories, also for ca. 170 filters and ca. 160 labels
  • Inline article content checknox is set to FALSE

tt-rss version (including git commit id):

  • 19.2
  • latest commit fce869314

Platform (i.e. Linux distro, PHP, PostgreSQL, etc) versions:

  • PHP Version 7.0.33-0
  • MySQL 5.7.25-0
  • ubuntu0.16.04.5

Please provide any additional information below:

  • when comparing both accounts after importing the OPML file, the non-admin user has fewer filter results as the admin user account for the same time frame
  • this seems to be related to the available text volume when fetching articles: less text results in less filter matches. In my understanding most of the newspaper articles in RSS feeds are only abstracts for full articles and therefore miss a lot of possible keywords
  • therefore in my admin account the Readability flag is set to TRUE for all non Twitter feeds

Thanks for your time and your support in advance.

if you want “exact duplicate behavior”, migrate using SQL dump / restore. everything else is going to be limited to some extent. this is not going to change.

e: maybe i should have kept OPML import/export to feed URLs only - just like every other RSS reader does it - so people wouldn’t expect too much from it just because there’s some niceties included like filters.

The best definition of man is: a being that walks on two legs and is ungrateful.

In fact, I don’t really need the OPML export/import with settings, as it is just my workaround for the missing centralized user management of feeds, filters and labels. The readability status not exported is just a small issue in this regard, and my hope was to get less crazy when being able to import it.

By “missing” I mean: a multi user account feature for non-admin users is included in TTRSS but no further user management is available. If available it would (in theory) allow each user his individual article read status without the headache of creating/maintaining filters or labels, tags and scores in a RegEx based system.

To be clear: no social sharing stuff wanted, just traditional server admin enforcement of default settings.

i prefer to not contribute to further centralization of the internet with the codebase i wrote, so tt-rss multi user support is aimed at small friends & family kind of groups.

features like those you mentioned are not “missing” - they are deliberately not implemented.

I agree with fox, but you can also do everything you want via plugins; add them in the config.php to force them to be enabled and you’re done.

How can a centralized set of filters be managed by a plugin? It would be very helpful to manage a group of 10 prospective heavy users in our NGO while the rest can live with the summary emails.

I’m not going to invest too much in your project, but if the filters aren’t changing too much I’d just write a plugin, hard-code the rules into it, add it as a system plugin. If you code the plugin properly you wouldn’t have to worry too much about modifying the rules. You’d hook into one of the article hooks to apply your filters.

Eventually, if you find you need to be more flexible with the rules, you could add an admin panel for updating them. Limit it to the admin user (by access level or user ID).

Thanks for your explanations.

But programming a plugin is out of scope for a non coder.

All the rules are in constant flow as journalists in general media tend to use a myriad of words for the very same item. Some of them are even not able to write names without mistakes, so exceptions must be included as well.

You’ll probably have to hire a programming to custom write a plugin. I’m not sure what else to suggest.