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Open Tab in background via keyboard (edge)

After having some issues with chrome I switch to firefox…which preceeded to crash after 3 hours…so i thought I’d try edge.

I just found in :https://community.tt-rss.org/t/moving-to-more-traditional-headline-controls/2106 that I can middle click a link for an article and it loads in background for me.

My primary usecase is navigate via keyboard and hit o to open. Edge in it’s wisdom decides, this shall have focus. Does tt-rss have any control over the keyboard short cut, in that it can set the focus or not of a new tab? Or is it’s entirely browser - which they seem to handle it differently. Though in chrome I think I had an extension that forced background.

Switching to ctrl-click isn’t too much of a change, it’s just changing muscle memory.

no, this is entirely controlled by the browser.

Hi back again.

Can you point me at the general code file direction of where the ‘o’ keyboard entry is actioned. I’ve looked through the app.js and found it dealing with what does ‘o’ mean, but if you could let me know which php file the action is performed (just so I can see what the call is, to see if there’s something in edge that can fiddle with it).

It’s annoying enough for me to want to dig in to how it’s done to see if I can do something about it. It looks like edge used to open in background by default and they changed it. And I can do it if I remember to click the link with control pressed, but I navigate with n and p…and have been so used to just hitting o to open in a new tab…and carrying on. I don’t tend to stop and read the article right then