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Official LDAP support

Currently there is only this (buggy) plugin: https://github.com/hydrian/TTRSS-Auth-LDAP

It would be very nice if LDAP is an official plugin. I did not found any thread in the forum yet.
Can you make this 3rd party plugin 1st party and maintain it properly? Or do you say if you want LDAP use this plugin?

What is the recommended way at the moment?

who are you talking to exactly?

To You? And of course anyone else who might has interested in maintaining LDAP in upstream.

it would be nice if people just worked for you for free, isn’t it?

This is the world of open source software; if you want something, you contribute.

Sure, it is. It is a feature request. If no one cares, ok. You don’t need to tell me that this is project is maintained in free time, unpaid, non profit. If someone wants anything in open source there is only these ways: ask, pay or do it yourself.

I just asked. Is that a problem? You are right, you don’t get any money from me if you answer my question, but I would be thankful. The only thing you probably get is a “Thanks” or if someone added it “Well done, thank you”. If it is not worth for you because of whatever, then please just ignore my question.

As a hint, it is usually a good idea to lurk on newly joined communities to find out how they work… If you did, you might see why your “request” was so ill received.

I am here quite a while and I now there are a lot of shitty requests. Though I don’t think this is a bullshit request nor do I expect that this gets added. “Nice to have” is how I would call this.

The request is neither here nor there, your attitude and your phrasing are at fault.

'nuff said.

Such a shame that’s not how it came across in your first post.

“I demand that this be made core functionality” is how it did come across, and is likely to get the backs up of developers on even the most laid back OSS project, never mind on here.

As you should have realised during your :looks:

... 24 minutes of lurking over 2 days...