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Multiple errors on fresh install

My system:
Ubuntu 16.04
Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu)
PHP 7.0.32

Fresh install on clean system. And when I logged into ACP and tried to change admin password I got a lot of errors like:

Unhandled exception
ReferenceError: event is not defined

Stack trace:

[email protected]_to_my_site/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1556473025 line 8 > Function:1:28
.cache[“dijit/form/_ButtonMixin”]/</_a23<[email protected]_to_my_site/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1556473025:8:336031
[email protected]_to_my_site/lib/dojo/dojo.js?1556473025:8:60674
.cache[“dijit/form/_ToggleButtonMixin”]/</<[email protected]_to_my_site/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1556473025:8:398568
[email protected]_to_my_site/lib/dojo/dojo.js?1556473025:8:60674
.cache[“dijit/form/_CheckBoxMixin”]/</<[email protected]_to_my_site/lib/dojo/tt-rss-layer.js?1556473025:8:260001

So what I did wrong?

you didn’t specify your browser but try opening tt-rss with a clean profile & no addons or incognito mode.

Oh, yes. It looks like this is problem with my old FF browser. Unfortunately I still can’t get used with new 52+ version. (
So everything looks fine with Chrome, for example.
Sorry to bother you.