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"Mark as read" issue

For example, when I’m in Fresh Articles, I see 32 new articles. But as I read through these 32 articles, new articles are being added. Meanwhile the number rises to 37 articles. If I now click on the button “Mark as read”, not only the 32 are marked as “read”, so all 37. So I miss 5 articles.

How do I get only the visible 32 articles marked as read? The new 5 only appear as numbers but not in the list.

this is working as designed. this button marks everything for selected feed, not just stuff that is currently visible.

select unread, mark selected as read. there’s multiple ways to do that.

Do you have Mark read on scroll checked?

Agreed, that is also what I want, the “Mark as read” button to mark visible feeds as read and then load the not read ones

not going to happen. you can use mark as read on scroll as @shabble said above.

What I usually do is press f r to refresh the selected feed before I click Mark as Read. That way I see new articles.