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Looks like tt-rss.org is being DDOS-ed

i guess they don’t target this forum yet but main site is down because of too many firewall sessions for the host

Uh oh… You made a script kiddie angry! :smirk:

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well, that was over somewhat fast. :man_shrugging:

e: this wasn’t the first (nor the second) time this happened so i guess i’m gonna put tt-rss.org behind cloudflare, expect interruptions related to that in the next 24-48 hours.

unfortunately i have no idea how would git over ssh work with cloudflare doing its MITM, and exposing real ip would defeat the purpose. so it’s either suffer the DDOS or idk.

e2: yeah looks like cloudflare is out for the time being

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Drat, came here to say just that!

too slow :smiley:

i don’t think this is available on their free tier tho (argo is billed separately i think), also you need to install some software on the server, which i would prefer not to do

also eeeew at the horrible PR-speak in that article :barf:

really makes me think

Hurricane electric any options for scrub?Else id join irc #networking on freenode and ask for advice on iptables rules as minor attacks could be mitgated there,though multi layer attacks might be problematic nontheless theres much good knowledge on that irc channel. How come somebody attack site providing good free software also makes no sense :thinking: rather go smash the big commercial ones with fat wallets