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It's weird about using backslash /

[backslash] / can be used like this [/每] in ttrss’s filter, this can filte the “/” or “每”, but I test it in some regex tools, it tells me [/每] is not ok, I should use [\/每], So which is correct?

With [\/每], the filter in ttrss is not correct though.


Firstly you’re describing a normal slash (/), not the backslash (\).

Secondly, / is commonly used to delimit a regular expression, so indeed if you want to use one inside a regex you need to escape it (using a backslash). Yes, even if inside a [] sequence.

As to why your regex “is not correct though”. What is it you’re trying to achieve? What text is this meant to match (and not match) against ?

I want match “/年” or “每年”, I usually use “[\/每]年”, this works in most PCRE support tools,no error.

But I can’t use it in ttrss’s filter.

ttrss’s filter only works with [/每]年, this can match “/年” or “每年”, so I say it’s weird.

TT-RSS uses slashes (/) as regex delimiters and automatically escapes any slashes within the expression itself:

from /classes/rssutils.php

foreach ($filter["rules"] as $rule) {
$match = false;
$reg_exp = str_replace('/', '\/', $rule["reg_exp"]);
$rule_inverse = $rule["inverse"];
... }

So just write your expression without escaping the slashes and it should work.
For testing with Regex101 you can change the delimiter to a character which is not used within your expression. Just click on the delimiter and select one.

Depending on what regexp characters are allowed in the input, perhaps ‘preg_quote’ is better. (?)


how exactly are we going to match things to a quoted regular expression?

e: slash is quoted explicitly only because it’s a delimiter

An infinitely recursive strpos() function.



Thanks all you guys’ replies.
I post this only want to know whether it’s a bug or not.
It seems not a bug, that’s fine.