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Is it possible to update feeds faster?

If I wanted to update a feed every, say, 5 seconds, could I do that?

I tried to run cron that often, but from the output I think tt-rss just says “it’s not time yet” and doesn’t fetch the feed at all.

no, and if you modify the code to do so please change user agent so we here are not held responsible for your stupidity

If I had to delve into the massive lump of spaghetti code that tt-rss is and make that change I don’t think I would have any functioning brain cells remaining to change the user agent, but I’ll try my best. Thank you.

Search this forum for ‘SELF_USER_AGENT’. Read the related threads for modifying tt-rss’ user-agent. But pushing updates every ‘5 seconds’ will almost certainly bring you (and us) grief from web admins of those sites you are hammering because of your custom frequent updates, not to mention the sh!t storm that would come at you from others in this forum.

Be careful out there!

Lucky for you, others are willing to do your work:


I’m going to give you a 2 out of 10 for that passive aggressive behavior. It’s lacking in depth and substance and I really expect more from Internet trolls. I should be able to read it and think, Is he being sarcastic or not!? and in your case I knew the moment I read it. In the future, please use more effort when you’re trying to be condescending.

(your mom joke here)