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Inconsisent unread article display in Feed view vs All Articles view

Ubuntu 18.04
MariaDB w InnoDB: 10.1.44
Git commit: 3a4b9249a99972798ce6285bf79b8ce86971bde7 (latest as of 2020-04-29(
No system errors in logs
Client: web and Android

A feed will be listed with an unread articles count. Clicking on that feed shows no articles.
When clicking on “All Articles”, the unread articles are listed under the feed name.
I exported my OPML into a new account and the problem is the same.
I tried on a clean browser with no prior login to TTRSS and the problem remained.

my mysql test instance is on mariadb 10.1.44 (official docker container) and i’m not seeing this issue.

i suggest deploying via docker-compose instead of doing it directly on the host.