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How to wipe feed-icons cache?


I seem to have a couple feed-icons that do not belong to the actual feed. Not sure how this happened…
I believe I would need to delete the feed-icons cache an let tt-rss rebuild it.
What is the best practice to do so? Simply delete the contents of the feed-icons folder?


The feed icons are checked regularly (I think it’s every 12 hours? I don’t know). So you could delete the files in feed-icons and TT-RSS will re-add them. However, if you know you have exactly two that don’t match you can just delete those two or manually set them.

To delete them, just click on the feed in question and note the URL. You should see something like f=12 in the URL. That number is the feed ID, so delete the corresponding 12.ico file.

Or, right-click on the feed icon, select Edit, and one of those tabs lets you manually upload your own image for the icon.

Thanks for the explanation! Will try!

Sorry to warm up this thread.
I am observing that feed icons are not being updates automatically with a webpage that has been redesigned about 6 months ago. Feed icons are not being updated unless I delete them in feed settings. Is there any way to just flush the cache so it is being rebuilt? Or let tt-rss make icons exipre every x months?

you can find all icons and delete them from folder app/tt-rss/feed-icons/

Well, I just did that, but now only a minority of feed does get an icon after that.

I already tried to force-update all feeds via daemon which did not resolve the situation.
But, when I debug the feed -> Force refetch -> the icon will be downloaded and cached.

Any ideas how to resolve the situation? I think it might not be best practise to simply wipe the cache dir.

  • favicons are never auto updated if local file exists
  • if file doesn’t exist tt-rss tries to fetch it every 12 hours
  • if you can’t wait for this interval to elapse (after removing files in feed-icons/), set favicon_last_checked in ttrss_feeds to 1970-01-01 or something and force update all feeds

best practice here is not obsessing over something so meaningless as favicons.

to add, you don’t need to remove files manually, feed icon may be removed from the feed editor (icon tab).

i’ve added a change that removing an icon manually also resets the update timer so you won’t have to wait the remainder of 12 hour timeout until it is fetched again: https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/c8cc845d5b1c64ea259667c01a9591a04e0e4e98

feed icons are not updated automatically if they exist because that would break manual assignment of icons which, because that’s how it always is, is certainly an absolutely critical feature for someone out there.