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How to use PHP APC cache?

Is there some way to use PHP APC for tt-rss or something similar? I use APC for a Roundcube installation on the same server, so it woulld be great, if i can use that also for tt-rss. It’s enabled on that server, but i didnt see caching entries in apc.php for tt-rss, only for Roundrube.

PHP changed their naming and usage of APC/OpCache between 5.x and 7.x.

If you’re referring to user cache, wherein information could be cached to prevent additional database queries or loading files with additional information then there’s really not a lot of point to it. TT-RSS is (more or less) always updating information so caches would expire nearly all the time and the end result would be more overhead, not less. TT-RSS has no hooks or code for this.

If you’re referring to OpCache wherein PHP keeps all the .php files included/required stored in shared memory as bytecode, then yeah… Turn that on because it makes a noticable difference in performance. PHP (at least 7.x) has very sane defaults for OpCache so you can pretty much just enable it and walk away.

Many thx. OpCache is running and i can see the entries in opc.php, but no apc.php. So it seems i cant do more currently. It works and it works smoother with OPC but it’s no wonderland on a Raspberry Pi :slight_smile: Additionally i must use MySQL as database, because some other projects need MySQL and i don’t want to install another DB system.

thanks for the blog entry. enjoy 2 weeks probation for repeated off-topic and not reading the rules before posting in support.