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How to use a plugin for a single feed?

Hi, just got this running and loving it so far!

One feed I added - from a forum, has many ‘Entity ‘squo’ not defined’ errors, It seems to be html encoding… I found this plugin (tt-rss-entityclean on github) which fixes these incidences and made the rss feed work.

The issue is, I got a notification in ttrss saying that plugin may cause my data to climb abnormally, if it is configured wrongly, by scraping every feed constantly, every time I load it. I don’t think it does - as the feed in question stopped working after 12 hours (my update interval) and not when I removed it from the plugin list.

Netherless, I want to apply that plugin to ONLY that feed. I notice there is a ‘plugin’ tab in the feed edit page, but I don’t know how to add any plugins to it. Is there a methodology available?

Thanks in advance!

Please read the documentation before asking questions: https://tt-rss.org/wiki/Plugins

Hi, Thank you for linking me to the wiki, however I have successfully got plugins to work no problem. The page you linked does not say anything that I can see about adding plugins to individual feeds only.

If I edit a single feed, it brings up a window with 4 tabs, the last of which is “Plugins” - This page is completely blank. The plugins I have in the system already do not show up here either. So I’m guessing there has to be a way to add plugins to only individual single feeds since this plugin tab exists for individual feeds? And another page on the wiki says " don’t enable them for all feeds ." implying per feed plugins is an option somewhere.

this must be supported by the plugin itself.

Okay, are there any plugins out there that you know of that support per feed enabling? I assume none of the default ones do, since the plugins page is blank.

I can try to reverse engineer the per feed code and put it into the other plugin I have that way.

https ://github.com/HenryQW/mercury_fulltext


this page only has stuff listed when you enable a plugin, in preferences, first.
disabled plugins are not listed there.