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How to scroll the content by page with hotkey in TTRSS

For long content articles, I know the hotkey Shift+up/down can scroll a line, but I cannot find a hotkey to scroll a page. The only solution I have found is to use mouse click the content and then press pgDn/pgUp to scroll. But I hope there is way to skip the mouse clicking.

Any ideas?

Enable googlereaderkeys plugin.

j = Next Article.
k = Previous Article.
n = Scroll current Article.
P = Previous Category.
N = Next Category.

See all the other keys here.

I enabled googlereaderkeys plubin, but how to scroll the current article?
j or n works the same, they move to the next article.

Have a look at the hotkeys by pressing ?

You can scroll within the article using

  • Shift+Up Arrow or Shift+P to scroll up
  • Shift+Down Arrow or Shift+N to scroll down

Thanks for your reply. But did you read my first post? I DO know how to scroll article by lines with Shift+up/down. What I want to do is to scroll a WHOLE PAGE. It is very useful for long articles. Currently, I can only do that by mouse click the article content and press pagedown button.

Spacebar usually scrolls an entire page.

I don’t know why but spacebar does NOT work for me.
If I disable the plugin “googlereaderkeys”, spacebar works the same way as pagedown, which means you MUST mouse click the content panel first to scroll, and that’s the step I try to avoid.
If I enable the plugin “googlereaderkeys”, spacebar goes to the next article.

I am surprised that no one has requested this feature before? How do you guys scroll a page in the content panel without using a mouse?

This is not my experience. I’m using Firefox and if I use keyboard shortcuts to select an article, I can continue to press (for example) n and slowly advance, or spacebar and scroll a whole page.

op is right, there’s no specific hotkey to scroll up/down pages and using built-in browser hotkeys relies on focusing headline buffer first.

i suppose people didn’t mind the focusing part.

i just use up/down or ctrl+up/down if i want to skip an entire article

it shouldn’t be hard to add pgup/pgdown hotkeys, i guess. i’ll make a note to take a look at this next week.

Fox, are you the author of TTRSS? Thank you so much for this tiny but useful tool! I started using it about a week ago and I love it!

Also thanks for confirming the issue. I am looking forward to this new hotkey feature. It is odd to me that people here don’t have long article feed to fast scroll or they don’t mind using mouse.

BTW, is there a feed for the news about new release of TTRSS, change log etc? I would love to know whenever the new version is available!

Since TTRSS is based on git you can follow like me commits :

e: sorry for the delay, busy week.

Thank you so much! I use docker for tt-rss. I have to wait for it to update and test it.

Cool! Its one of things you never missed until you used it the first time…

Before updating to the latest(git pull ), the paging(page up/page down) function can be used normally, but it can’t be used after updating

chrome 78.0.3904.108
windowns 10

thanks for noticing, i guess, although i’m not sure what was the point of this post.

i thought about not binding new hotkeys directly to pgup/pgdown but tt-rss already traps up/down arrows so it seemed logical to continue in this direction. if you prefer native browser behaviour you can unbind all those hotkeys and live happily ever after.

it works like this (currently)

up/down - move between articles
shift + up/down - scroll either article buffer OR headlines up, depending on combined mode or not
pgup/pgdown - same as above but scroll entire pages

i think i’ll add shift prefix to default pgup/pgdown bindings for consistency because up/down hotkey handler doesn’t change behavior depending on two/three panel mode.

also, i think there’s room for a hotkey which should always scroll headline buffer, i.e. moving between articles/headlines like up/down but entire pages. this could bind to pgup/pgdown by default because it would work similar to up/down.

how about this change instead? feedback welcome.

I think this update somehow broke scrolling articles if using the mouse. I am on v19.12-e40c24f, with Chrome 78.0.3904.108.
I enabled “mark read on scroll”. I select a feed with multiple articles and scroll with mouse wheel untill all the articles are marked as read. If I click on a feed with unread articles on the left, the articles on the right are shown, but automatically marked as read. Worst of all, if I click on a category, all the articles within are marked as read.
I do not think it matters, but I am on shared hosting, with PHP 7.3 and Mysql

you’re right, it looks an unfortunate side effect of smooth scrolling: when one changes feeds, headlines buffer is scrolled to top and everything gets marked as read, lol. oh well!