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How to republish feeds with cached images

With RSS-Bright I get feeds from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I would like to republish this feeds but with the by tt-rss cached images- NOT with the original ones… is there a way to do this?

And also

Is there a plug-in that could help to automatic edit in some parts the feeds before republishing?

Thanks for help.

You can activate an option named “Cache media” for each feed which should do exactly this.

For editing you will need to write a custom plugin.

maybe I´m missing something but it does not work here like that…

If I look at the feeds inside tt-rss i see that all images are cached locally… but when I re-share items all image are shown as in the orginal feeds from the FB servers

You are right. Published feeds indeed seem to embed the URL to the original images.
This seems to be the case for everything within <content> tags. However within <link rel="enclosure"> the cached (preview?) image is present.

I don’t know if this is intended or not.

This images on a FB server working kind of like a backlink… that´s way I would like to share items without this kind of links and images…

can this be done with an extra plugin?

I suspect to the current behavior to be unintended as I don’t see a reason why cached images should not be included publicizing an article.

Let’s see what fox thinks about this.

this could easily go both ways wrt what people want, but i think it would be more consistent to prefer locally cached images if they are available.

sounds great…
there are situations where you want to leave the original images in place of the feed …
so if there would be an option to choose it would be perfect…

an option (per-feed, per user?) is going too far; however i think we should use cached media if it’s available. if nothing else this would lower the load on origin servers and prevent potential referrer-related issues with images not loading.

Thanks - works great…

how do I get the LINKs which are conected with the images out of the game?
If users klick on the now cached and selfhosted images they still end up at FB &Co.