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How to get automatic update in dsm6.2?

Is it possible to develop update scripts suitable for dsm6.2 hosts for synology users?

Perhaps you could explain what, exactly, is not working?

I’m very glad that you can listen to me patiently. I’ve used synonymy dsm6.2 for a long time. I always like RSS reading. Recently I saw tiny tiny RSS. I decided to set up an RSS reading server myself. Fortunately, my previous operation was successful. But enter RSS server to add RSS feed information. The information in the RSS feed can only be updated by turning on define ('simple update mode ', true) in config.php. It cannot be updated in the background.

I know that tinytiny RSS is not designed for synology users. But there are still many users around the world, and developers can’t ignore the synonymy users. After all, many snylology users like tinytiny RSS. It is a kind of loss and helplessness to give up the use of tinytiny RSS information source because it cannot be updated in synology.

So I sincerely hope you don’t give up the existence of synology users. I hope you can develop scripts for synology users to update tinytiny RSS feeds on the host. To support your love of tinytiny RSS. thank you!!!

I have no experience with these devices, but couldn’t you just setup a cron job for this? I get that you might not be able to run the updater as a service, but a quick search suggested that cron jobs were supported.

I have looked up the articles nearly 100 times. More than 10 methods have been tried. Setting up cron jobs is also used. But it still doesn’t work. At present, define ('simple update mode ', true) is the only way to work. But it must take enough time to open tinytiny RSS in the browser. But I can’t spend more time on energy. So I set up the tinytiny RSS server. I know there are lots of RSS reading software sitting in front of the computer. Tinytiny RSS is not unique. But the easy-to-use RSS reader in line with my usage habits is still tinytiny RSS. I believe that tinytiny RSS is not only the most supported platform.

You’ve read the wiki article about updating with cron?

You may have to hope another Synology user stops by the forums to lend more assistance. I don’t have any other suggestions.

I have read the cronr update method carefully. But he doesn’t seem to work in synology. I know.

I hope more synology users will participate in the discussion of the forum. Because I’m also a member of the synology user. I hope to get your help, and I hope to help you. Give more advice. It’s a pleasure to have your support.

I run it inside a VM on a Synology using the VMM package. You could also use Docker if your Synology supports it. There’s probably no good reason to run it directly in DSM.

I’ve been using ttrss on a Synology using Docker for years with no issues and I wrote a blog post for it


I’ve always used the Synology’s GUI and haven’t managed to get the official container up and running yet

ah where do i begin

  1. suggesting mysql as a database server for tt-rss, on a synology (i.e. weak NAS platform) no less
  2. tt-rss container last updated 7 months ago created by a literally who with no tag history etc (i’m also seeing supervisord in there so i assume more awful design decisions typical of people who don’t understand docker deployment at all)

can you post your terrible advice somewhere else? thanks

Haha, first time I’ve been burned by fox

I have a DS918+ with 8GB RAM and there are no performance issues with running multiple databases as docker containers. Completely agree on which container I’m using but it’s the only one I could get up and running after linuxserver stopped updating theirs.

Edit: Apologies, looks like I’m actually using https://hub.docker.com/r/jc5x/ttrss

Hello, there is no problem in using docker to install TT RSS, but I always feel that docker has some unimaginable problems. Docker is installed like a cat in a box. I can’t open the box. I don’t know whether the cat is healthy or ill. Is it fat or thin. I’m sorry. It is not installed directly on the host. You can see the code. Be able to revise with your favorite. I know that RSS feed information updates are not available in the host right now. But as I said. It can see the code. It can be corrected. It’s just a matter of time.