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How to change home page from `Fresh feed` to my label or my feed?

Now the tt-rss uses the Fresh feed as home page.
How to change home page for tt-rss to my label or my feed?

active feed is stored in the URL hash (i.e. after #), you can make a bookmark with required feed open and use it to open tt-rss.

it’s good solution.

but i get the fresh articles after: exit preferences, login, unsubscribe and etc.

I found init function in Feed.js. is that right point?

		if (hash_feed_id != undefined) {
			this.open({feed: hash_feed_id, is_cat: hash_feed_is_cat});
		} else {
			this.open({feed: -3});

yeah, you should be able to work around this with a plugin, obviously i’m not going to make it configurable in trunk.

I see.

May you change code to avoid constant -3 in the front?
A plugin with modified trunk will be simple.


		if (hash_feed_id != undefined) {
			this.open({feed: hash_feed_id, is_cat: hash_feed_is_cat});
		} else {
			this.open({feed: ''});   // or 0


function view() {
	$reply = array();

	$feed = $_REQUEST["feed"];
	$method = $_REQUEST["m"];
	$view_mode = $_REQUEST["view_mode"];
	$limit = 30;
	@$cat_view = $_REQUEST["cat"] == "true";
	@$next_unread_feed = $_REQUEST["nuf"];
	@$offset = $_REQUEST["skip"];
	$order_by = $_REQUEST["order_by"];
	$check_first_id = $_REQUEST["fid"];

	if (is_numeric($feed)) $feed = (int) $feed
	else if (!$feed) $feed = -3;
  1. 0 is a valid feed
  2. no, i’m not going to suddenly make -3 a default feed because of this

in general please stop trying to make me change core stuff randomly because of extremely niche use-case you came up with in 5 minutes - i tend to ban people who are tiresome like that.

tt-rss has plugin support for a reason. use it instead.

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i think a better solution to this actual problem would be adding Feeds.initialFeed() or something like that which would allow plugins to override one easy method (instead of dealing with startup sequence) to direct tt-rss on load based on whatever custom criteria.

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I didn’t know. so I asked.

do plugins work on Android client?

I found:

server-side plugins work, obviously. everything else doesn’t.

before you ask i have no plans to add android native plugins (don’t even know how in any case).

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I set ttrss to open in starred articles, I modified the line you show above, ran “diff -u” to create a patch file, and then run a script that pulls the latest updates and then runs patch.
That is of course very high level explanations of steps. If you don’t know the command line well enough to work out the details, then this solution probably isn’t for you. (I don’t know your shell experience level.)

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Come to think of it, you could modify the fresh query to include your minimum score idea and then create a patch file to keep that added to your code base also.

i’m agree with you. thanks.

Crazy thought, but couldn’t you just bookmark the correct URL? I mean, that’s what I do—bookmark #f=-4 so it always opens at All Articles.

Really, how often are you navigating in and out of the Preferences screen anyway?