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How could I implement a Youtube watchlater system?

I use RSS mostly to follow youtube channels. Videos that I decide to watch some time in the future I usually tag with a watchlater label and later I check this label to see the videos. The problem is that eventually I come across a video of a channel that I dont follow with RSS and dont have an intent to do, but I would like to put on my watchlater list. Do you guys have any ideia of how I could put this kind of videos on my watchlater list? Maybe there is a solution but I dont get yet. Any suggestions?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

The Share Anything feature might work.

I do the same thing, except I star my watch later posts. And as JustAMacUser said, I sometimes add videos manually via “Share Anything”. Actually I go a little more basic and I bookmarked:

And then paste in the url and type a title, you can add your label on that screen too.

For what it’s worth, YouTube has its own “Watch later” list, and you can add any YouTube video to it by clicking a clock icon in the top right corner of the video thumbnail. Here’s the relevant help article: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/56101?hl=en

Hey everyone, thanks for helping me. Share Anything seems okay, although it doest show some details of URL.