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Hotkey for sorting and unread/all articles

Because the sorting and filtering is a globe setting in TTRSS, I sometimes have to change it often. I wonder if it is possible to add hotkeys to quickly change between All Articles and Unread, and newest/oldest first.

I did find a plugin for sorting, but I wish TTRSS can have this build-in.

This is why the plug-in system is there, to keep TT-RSS ‘simple’. Just use the plug-in.

check hotkey help dialog, those should be there

@fox, If that’s what you are referring, it is not what I am looking for. It only for selection.

@ pahles
I love plugin. However I am using a docker container, and it doesn’t have the plugin included and I am not familiar with installing plugins into a docker…

The solution is to learn to setup docker so you can have plugins. Probably bind/mount the plugins.local directory to a directory that contains the plugins you want.

Then maybe you should have told us right away…

you’re right. for some reason i thought this was for moving between feeds (i.e. g f), not view modes. a plugin could easily add those hotkeys though, not sure if this is needed in trunk.

that depends on the container, but the general idea is the same. for ttrss-docker from tt-rss.org it could be something like this (using hotkeys_ru plugin as an example):

docker exec -it ttrss-docker_app_1 \
    git clone https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/ttrss-hotkeys-ru.git \

I wish both hotkeys(sorting and filtering) can be added into trunk.

As a docker user, you have to rely on the docker image author to add the plugins. Correct me if I am wrong, if I add the plugins by myself, (never done that before, and I am not sure if I should do that) I will have to do it whenever the docker image gets updated.

that depends on the container. if plugins.local is not on a persistent storage out of the box, you can always mount it somewhere local as suggested above.

Thank you fox. I successfully installed the sorting plugin following the docker command you instructed.
I also mounted the plugins.local to an external storage and hopefully that will persist.

However, there is not either hotkey for filtering(unread/all/etc.), or plugins.

And the sorting plugin hotkey just rotate between title/oldest/newest. I wish it would work more specific like:
t o oldest
t n newest
t t title