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Help to retrieve feed list from former ttrss app folder

hey there, one and all.

i am hoping someone here will be kind and patient enough to help me. i used TTRSS for several years, hosted on my home PC, and since i know nothing at all about databases, i was most grateful for the Bitnami stack one-click setup.

sadly, my nephew clicked something dumb on the weekend and i got ransomware, which encrypted my whole computer. i wiped the HD and reinstalled windows, and trying to rebuild all my stuff slowly.

in order to set up a new TTRSS (using hosting and Softaculous this time), i’d like an OPML of all my former subscribed feeds. sadly, i never exported an .opml from TTRSS before i was hacked. i have all my previous TTRSS folders from a backup i ran a few days before the hack, but since i know nothing about SQL or apache, i am not sure how to retrieve the list of feeds i was subscribed to, let alone how to navigate this big mess of folders and file formats i am not familiar with.

short version: is there a way, using the contents of my former TTRSS app folder, to obtain a list of URLs for the RSS feeds i was subscribed to?

if this is a particularly messy/tricky thing to do, i would gladly give someone a coffee tip who could take on the challenge.

thanks in advance

this depends on whether this backup includes a database dump (or raw database files), from your post it is not clear if it does.