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Group by feed shows several groups per feed

Couldn’t find a related topic, so here’s the problem I’m faced with: when grouping articles per feed (in combined mode), I often see that the articles of one feed are split into several groups. See screenshot:

I can’t think of a reason for this behavior, so I’m guessing bug?

why doesn’t anyone ever search

I read the first posts of both these topics and somehow thought they did not resemble this issue… which just means I should stop posting anything at night when I’m tired. My apologies.

I would opt, though, that this grouping within a time interval is counterproductive for the virtual feed “Fresh articles”, since it already uses a user specified time interval. It would make sense to group all articles within the Fresh articles interval accordingly.

this makes sense but it means adding more custom behavior for specific feeds which is something that i would prefer to avoid unless it’s really necessary. i’ll think about it.

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I would really appreciate the change, as it’s very confusing for forum topics I follow via RSS and makes it impossible to reverse the order when desired (posts since Monday will be placed on top no matter what).

I just saw it via the commits (RSS feed), came here to thank you. Fantastic stuff! :smiley:

Sorry for the off-topic question, but where is the commits RSS feed? I thought Gogs doesn’t support RSS yet.

Try this one: https://srv.tt-rss.org/feeds/tt-rss.xml

I see commits via this feed URL: https://tt-rss.org/feeds/tt-rss.xml