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Gitlab backup repository is not going to be available any longer

why? because of this: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com/issues/5555

Wow, Eric Johnson is a giant penis. And Candice Ciresi is my new hero. Fuck Gitlab.

Given the purported reasoning given, I’m most surprised the United States isn’t also on that list…

We live in a cyberpunk world with all the good stuff removed… Welcome to the New World Order.


Their lack of awareness is beyond disturbing.

pretty much this /20char

You said it first. I liked it. Thus, I am using it.

Well, I hate the situation but like the quote. :slight_smile:

Looks like this is going to cause a revisit to the old TLS version issue, particularly for those stuck on Ubuntu Trusty.

If you’re stuck on Ubuntu 14.04, you have a much bigger problem than updating ttrss. Ubuntu 14.04 went out of support 6 months ago…

imagine being so incompetent you can’t even upgrade an ubuntu install.

literally one fucking command.

14.04 goes EOL in 2022 (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases). I’m stuck because I can’t upgrade my VPS; my hoster has to do it and I’ve been waiting since September when the upgraded the hypervisors to Bionic and were supposed to start upgrading VPS’s then. This has prompted me to contact them and find out when they’re supposed to actually finish the upgrade process.

Might I recommend moving to a different VPS host? I can recommend mine if you wish…

I can recommend his as well…

To say 14.04 LTS goes EOL in 2022 is misleading. The support offering that ends in 2022 is for paid customers with an active Ubuntu Advantage contract and is not offered to the general public. The public repositories stopped receiving updates at the End of Standard Support date in the wiki link you posted. That date was was this past April.

I’m going to guess you do not have an Ubuntu Advantage contract. If you do, then that’s great! You’re supported (and you should be able to engage your Canonical support contact for help with this TLS issue). If you don’t, your support ended nearly 7 months ago.

:grinning: Well, it’s good and they treat me well. Just not saying the name as it can be seen as promotion by Fox and I wish to avoid his mighty ire.

this generally applies to people who specifically register to post this stuff, not people discussing things

i also don’t see anything wrong with a separate vps recommendation thread specifically, a lot of people use those for tt-rss and other self-hosting related stuff after all

Thread created.