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Geekttrss 1.0.0

Hi everybody!

I’ve been working on another Android application for Tiny Tiny Rss.
It works well for my needs and it may be useful to others so I want to share it with you.

Geekttrss is a Tiny Tiny Rss reader application with transparent offline mode.

The application is free and opensource. You can find the source code here
Contributions, bug reports, ideas are welcome. :slight_smile:



I just installed your app. Looks nice, and slim. But only the overview of all feeds is loaded.
Your app says, first synchronization may take a while, but waited now > 10min and still no articles to read – I got like 5k unread articles, might this be a problem?

With “transparent offline” you mean all articles are preloaded and also mark read if I would go online again?
What was your main incentive to write this very similar looking app compared to the official one?

The first sync will basically download all the articles, so it may be really long. I have to look for a way to speed up this process, but as it only happen once I moved on to something else :tired_face:

Yes all articles are preloaded. If you have connectivity, articles will be marked as read immediately, otherwise it will wait for the next sync.

The main reason was that I always forget to switch to offline mode when I was using the official one. fox said a few times that this was not something he wanted to do so I did it for me. The other reason is that I needed a new project to experiment things on Android development, and this application covers various problematic to work on.

Hi. I’m unable to login to the app, is there any reason why my server address with the port number on the end wouldn’t work?


Random thought - are you serving TLS on that port?

No TLS, just http. The default address in the app is Https but I changed it. Good shout though

Port number in the url works fine. One thing that comes to my mind is : On Android 9, cleartext traffic is forbidden, so if you run on this version it won’t work if you don’t use https. You can use https://letsencrypt.org/ to obtain a free certificate.

That’s… idiotic. If true. Got a cite for that?

Yep, I’m on Android 9. Sounds like a good excuse to switch TLS on. Thanks for your help

Can’t confirm that. I have Android 9 and my tt-rss instance doesn’t speak https, but the tt-rss apps I use connect just fine.


Ah, not as bad as I thought then - it can be overridden.

in the xml, so you’ll have to rebuild the app yourself for your domain

e: i guess you can whitelist all domains, so disregard the above. until google disallows that too.

After one day, still not loaded. The Android App info tells me it only used 1.20MB since yesterday, so I am pretty sure something failed here.

Did a reinstall (Why does clearing the App Data not remove the stored account?) and massive purging (only 500 unread) still no signs of downloading any data. I only see the list of feeds with the unread count besides them.
I am on Android 7.0, did you test it there?

There is definitively something wrong them. I’ve made a few fixes that may affect synchronization. I haven’t published a new release yet, but the fixes should be available in the beta channel soon. You may want to register here and try it

The account information is stored with the Android system accounts (like your google account), so it is not remove when you clear the application data.

Yes it should work on 7.0 too