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Fully containerized TTRSS


I built and maintain 3 clean docker images (fpm, nginx, and daemon) ready for compose and kubernetes deployments.

They only run one process each as per container best practices, instead of a fpm+nginx+daemon+supervisord single container.

Would you be interested in integrating them as a side repo and/or extend documentation ?
I’m in the process of polishing the readme.md to specify compose and k8s deployments howtos.

Repo: github/fculpo/docker-ttrss

Dockerhub images:

  • fculpo/ttrss-nginx
  • fculpo/ttrss-fpm
  • fculpo/ttrss-daemon

why? i don’t maintain container images for tt-rss, it makes sense for third party efforts to be hosted separately.

if people want to find images or anything else for their specific needs, we have this forum as a main source of tt-rss related information.

Indeed, makes sense.

An ideal workflow though, would be a simple POST webhook on your master branch to trigger my builds, then people can always have the latest image.

Then I take care of maintaining the images myself.

EDIT: I can also trigger this build daily and no setup required on your end :slight_smile: