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Filter Problem when I combinate it

Hi have a problem with the filter.

I have 3 Filter to search in title
my.\nice.\title.\one i found 30 entries
another.\nice.title.\two i found 20 entries
and.\a.\title.\three i found 40 entries

The \ are needet that it works. No problem.
But when I insert this three filters in one, I found not 90 entries. I have checked that not all filters must pass.

Has anyone an idea?

Sorry for my bad englisch

is match any rule checked in the filter dialog?


Thank you for answer. Yes this is enabled.

I have make a try with this feed.
Chicago.Hope.S found 13
Z.Nation.S found 15
Der.Aufstieg.der.Teenage.Mutant.Ninja.Turtles.S found 30

compinated found only 31

are you testing with filter dialog testing tool? it might not be entirely accurate, to see if filters are actually working properly use feed debugger (hotkeys f D or actions menu -> feed debugger)

there you should be able to see which filter rules apply to which articles.

Ok thank you. I have combinated all filters, and give it in the next days a try. I will write you thank you.

But after combinated, I get this error when I click Test filter: Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.

It’s not a problem when the filter work. Only for info

you should see the error details in tt-rss event log in preferences (last tab), post it here

also, post tt-rss version / database / etc

Thank you. But this I have try. The Eventlog has no entry for this error

Tiny Tiny RSS v19.2 (4a21642)
PHP Version 7.3.4-1+0~20190412071350.37+stretch~1.gbpabc171
MariaDB 10.3