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[Filter] Can't get it to work

Hi there,

I’m trying to add filter that choose only articles with “Le moment meurice” in title on the “France inter” RSS from youtube.

I’ve actually try this :

but it’s not working at all, the feed from “france inter” still look like without any filters.

I’m sure there is something that i don’t anderstand, but i don’t find simple documentations about that. It look so simple that i’m ashamed to don’t find it myself, or by researching on the web, but it is…

try to share the feed debug but the forum don’t want the URL in…

anyway, thank you for the job done, tiny tiny RSS is a tool that i’d like to use more.

Documentation on filters: https://tt-rss.org/wiki/ContentFilters

Please invest time in researching regular expressions.

Hi @pahles,

I don’t get it. I’m just searching for exactly “Le Moment Meurice” in title in all the france inter’s vidéo feed, so i don’t anderstand what do i have to add, even in regular expressions but i’m not familliar with it.

Can you help? Or guide to some exemples?

Edit : And with the option invert, if the problem is the expression on my filter, there should be no result at all, no? I think the problem is elsewhere.

if you’re trying to filter articles by pattern why is your filter inverted?

no, your filter will match everything else except for your pattern.

@fox i’ve inverted the filter just choose all the other article and delete them. Am i on the wrong way?

Here’s the thing:

You’re trying to make articles that do not have specific text in the title be deleted. So you enter the text and select invert match. Great. When you click Test what you will see is all the articles in your database that do not have that text in their title (there will be some because TT-RSS pulled some in before you setup your filter). This means it’s working. Because as new articles come in, they will also match and the appropriate action will be taken (Delete, based on your screen shot).

In other words, testing the filter isn’t going to go through your database and delete the articles. It’s going to show you what type of articles would have been affected by the filter.

As always, if you’re confident you’ve set it up correctly, just leave the filter in place and wait a bit while new articles come in to see if the filter it working.

@frederiiiic alternatively, use feed debugger (f D) and check both options, then you’ll see in the output which filters match on which articles.