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Feed keyboard navigation

I have found that keyboard navigation of feeds has become worse and worse with time. At the beginning, I could select an item (say, from the new articles meta-feed) and press my up arrow key (I usually scroll them backwards) to go to the previous item. The previous item would be shown in place (i.e. the feed roll wouldn’t move up or down, if you get what I mean).
After an update a while ago (a few months? a year?) this behaviour changed. The up arrow key would still load the previous item, but now this would move at the very top of the window, which was inconvenient for me because I use the “keyboard scrolling” to just quickly read titles of posts and mark as read what I’m not interested in. With the new behaviour, I had to press the arrow key twice to be able to read the title of the previous item, and then a third time to actually open it.
Yesterday I updated tt-rss again (I hadn’t done it for a month maybe) and now things are even worse: I can’t use the up arrow key to navigate the feed roll at all, now they key would just move the list up and down without opening any item.
Is there a way to go back to the very original behaviour, or at least to the behaviour that was there until a month ago or so?


You can try
#content-insert {
scroll-behavior : auto ! important
settings => theme => custom (or something like that, i have a non English language)
This disables the weird scroll behavior for me

Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried to add the code, but it didn’t do anything. I have forgotten to specify that I use the combined view (or something like that, I also have a non-English installation), which you can enable in the settings (and which the developer hates, I’ve read :stuck_out_tongue:)

Well, it fixed the issue for me. I also use the combined reading mode.
trying what you described, works on my system.

To bad it didn’t for you, I am out of ideas. :zipper_mouth_face:

CTRL-Up / CTRL-Down now navigates between articles.