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Feed doesn't work anymore

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Describe the problem you’re having:
I got a feed (https://www.antispam-ev.de/forum/external.php?type=RSS2) that suddenly stopped working after one the last updates but was working fine before.

tt-rss version (including git commit id):
latest git master

at least post the error message, seriously

Sorry, the error message is
Unknown/unsupported feed type

sometimes i wonder why do we have stickies

https://fakecake.org/myfeedsucks/ works fine so there’s something on your end and most likely has nothing to do with tt-rss commits

post logs + feed debugger, try fetching the feed with wget off your server or something, put some basic effort into your problem

Feed-Debugger only says

[12:43:57/8424] start
[12:43:57/8424] local cache will not be used for this feed
[12:43:57/8424] stored last modified: 
[12:43:57/8424] fetching [https://www.antispam-ev.de/forum/external.php?type=RSS2]...
[12:43:57/8424] fetch done.
[12:43:57/8424] source last modified: 
[12:43:57/8424] saving cache/simplepie/e31f6bf414f8c5d874cf3786d980ddbcf10625e8.xml
[12:43:57/8424] fetch error: Unknown/unsupported feed type

try looking inside that file

I don’t know excactly what tt-rss fetches from the feed’s url but it looks like it’s the mainpage of that forum. Strange. Manualy fetching the feed via wget localy gets the feed xml.

it fetches the contents

your next step is contacting the site i’m afraid, this has nothing to do with tt-rss

sometimes i wonder why do we have stickies

Because creating them is less painful than pounding your head into a brick wall… even though neither one seems to be effective at getting through to some people… maybe pounding THEIR head into concrete. :roll_eyes: