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Feed browser: do you use it?

do you even know it’s there? would you be sad to see it go?

personally i’m not particularly fond of it because of (mostly insignificant unless you share your tt-rss instance with strangers, but still) possible privacy issues. plus, i think it’s kinda useless in general.

additionally, while feed archive might have its uses, i’m not sure its the best idea to keep (indefinitely, by default) feeds that were unsubscribed by users.

i don’t plan to remove it but maybe there should be some automatic expiration involved there.

No idea it existed. I would not shed a tear for it as even now that I know it exits, I would not use that feature.

i’m pretty sure the majority of people doesn’t know it exists
and yet i need to maintain this code

Might I suggest some napalm?

alright so

  1. feed browser is getting axed from core but if there’s demand i’ll try to reinstate it as a plugin
  2. archived feeds (those are used internally for orphaned starred articles) are now expired after 1 month for general privacy reasons

the (weak) privacy case against feed browser is stuff like “oops i have a friend on the same tt-rss instance and now i know all about his weird fetishes because he didn’t think to set private option in feed editor”

I came across feed browser once while coding some other stuff. I thought it was a nice idea but didn’t see a lot of utility in it. I’m guessing most people using TT-RSS only have a few users with friends and family and there wouldn’t be a large pool of “popular” to draw from to make it useful.

yes, exactly. it has been added years ago and there’s not much point in it within the userbase that is, well, typical for tt-rss.

Well, now that I know it WAS there, I miss it! :laughing:

What else is there that I don’t know about that you can get rid of? :smiley:

oh i’m sure there’s something like mysql support

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Well, that one I knew about, used to use it, reformed myself of my evil ways.