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[Feature suggestion] Search improvement

I use search quite often and I have a suggestion for 2 small improvements:

  • search defaults to searching hat is displayed. Can we have a check box to say “search all”. I amy see an article in a feed and want to search other feeds/categories for articles on the same topic.

  • i view articles in “unread” mode. It would be nice to apply the same options we have for viewing (unread, all, adaptive, starred, published) to the search. If not all of these options than perhaps allow unread to be added/removed. I might see a new article and want to search for any new and any old/read articles on the topic.

Thanks for the consideration.


If you select the All articles feed you’ll get search results from every feed/category.

If you use Adaptive it will show everything regardless of how it’s marked.

You might also want to read the wiki about searching:

I know this. But I have to switch to the all feeds, which then reads all and displays and then do a search which has to rescan the entire database. way less disk and network traffic if we can add the first idea…

fox: sorry i forgot there is the unread stuff in syntax. so just simply a check box for all would be great. wouldn’t it be just dropping a feed specification in a where clause if the box for “All” was checked?

i don’t really want to bloat up search dialog with new controls. it’s not that hard to click on all articles to search all instead of having a special checkbox for it, there’s even a shortcut for it (g a).

also the way search works is that it attaches to what you’re viewing currently so it would be weird if viewing one feed would return results for all feeds, etc.

also search mode is persistent until you cancel it so you can search for something and then switch feeds around without losing it.

BTW, is there a faster way to cancel a search using keyboard shortcuts? So far I only came up with / Ctrl-A Del Enter?

this should be extremely easy to add (basically just call Feeds.cancelSearch()), we just need to decide on a fitting hotkey.

Ideas: c / (“cancel search”) or a g combination or if possible \ (backslash).

(BTW, I am new here, and sadly, I am not a coder, just a sysadmin by profession.)

Can I interject a slight rabbit trail? I’ve thought that having a “g /” hotkey that asks for the feed would be nice. Aka. “Goto Search”. Preferring the keyboard over the mouse, that would be a nice way to jump to a feed, especially if it is hidden in closed folders.

e. not asking for an implementation, just thoughts.

i think a plugin could easily add something like that.

I think backslash should be a good shortcut for canceling. It’s the reverse of the forward slash, and near the delete key so there’s some association with removing/undoing.

yeah, I like the backslash idea.

Thanks a lot for adding backslash to cancel an active search. Just tried it in Firefox 75 on a Ubuntu 19.10 running X11.

e: German keyboard layout.