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Feature request: Make "Toggle widescreen mode" a user setting

Would love to have the “Toggle widescreen mode” as a user preference. I think it’s bad (maybe it is convenient :-)) to store user settings in a session – if you lose the session you lose the settings.

I had the same thought once, but then I started using it on a tablet and realized it makes sense to have different settings for the same user on different devices (widescreen desktop vs tablet vs phone).
-> Considering this, I think it’s probably best as it is implemented now.
The switch is just one keyboard shortcut or dropdown menu item away.

you can have different settings profiles for your devices so this could work as a persistent preference.

i’ll make a note of this.

I get the reasoning behind widescreen being stored client-side, but I’d like it as a profile setting as well. It would be a lot easier because when I use widescreen I also disable combined mode and turn on excerpts, so there’s several settings I end up changing every time. Being able to just switch profiles would make the whole process easier.

it’s probably client side only because i didn’t want to extend the schema with a different preference, i’ll take a look at this when i’m back in town.