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[feature request] add 'min score' param for the Fresh Feed

I have about 500 feeds.
I want to use a scoring to make a Whitelist of feeds.
I want to create a few filters that add positive score to some feeds.
I expect only positive will go to the Fresh Feed.

The tt-rss provide a Fresh Feed - class Feeds in the feeds.php, function catchup_feed, $feed == -3.

Please, add a FRESH_ARTICLE_MIN_SCORE parameter and modify a scorepart in the sql-query to use the parameter.

			if ($feed == -3) {

				$intl = (int) get_pref("FRESH_ARTICLE_MAX_AGE");

				$min_score = (int) get_pref("FRESH_ARTICLE_MIN_SCORE");

				$score_part = "score >= $min_score";

				if (DB_TYPE == "pgsql") {
					$match_part = "date_entered > NOW() - INTERVAL '$intl hour' ";
				} else {
					$match_part = "date_entered > DATE_SUB(NOW(),
						INTERVAL $intl HOUR) ";

				$sth = $pdo->prepare("UPDATE ttrss_user_entries
					SET unread = false, last_read = NOW() WHERE ref_id IN
						(SELECT id FROM
							(SELECT DISTINCT id FROM ttrss_entries, ttrss_user_entries WHERE ref_id = id
								AND owner_uid = ? AND $score_part AND unread = true AND $date_qpart AND $match_part AND $search_qpart) as tmp)");


not going to happen. implement your whitelist in a different way - i.e. using a label, etc.

alternatively, you can make a plugin which would provide a separate virtual feed using whatever criteria you need.

ok. thanks.
I’ve created a new topic.