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[feature proposal, Android client] New preference to open external links directly

For my usage pattern, this is a feature that I always used with other Android clients, like feedly which supports it. It’s a simple implementation that adds a new preference to simply enable/disable the direct opening of the article url (in a chrome custom tab mainly) instead of transitioning to the detail view, or having to long press -> open for every single article I want to read. I am already using this new feature in a personal custom build of the app I compiled myself, but it makes it annoying to have to port my implementation every time I want to upgrade the source code to the latest feature set. Having it incorporated would be much simpler of course, and i’m pretty sure other people coming from other readers which supported it would be glad to have. I can provide the source code changes for it or create a pull request if I can get access. Thank you for the consideration.

Gogs UID: Aevnar

Couldn’t you just implement this as a plugin and then you wouldn’t have to constantly modify the core?

I guess I could (if there is a plugin management feature, I really didn’t check). I just thought it would be a feature that would be generally wanted, as it is pretty standard in many other rss readers.

No harm in your suggesting it. Do take a quick read through this thread:

It describes changes in behaviour with respect to opening articles to the original site, etc. The key modifiers changed at that point in time, but further down the thread it discusses using middle click to do it, as well as some links to modify the behaviour. I’m not sure if it will suit what you’re after, but it doesn’t hurt for you to skim through it.

Humm… I guess I wasn’t specific enough in my post… The solution I implemented relates only to the Android client, not the web version, which the thread you linked seems to be referencing.

Missed that. Thanks for clarifying.

this makes some amount of sense but i’m not sure how to fit this with app preferences, there seems to be too much going on in headlines section already.

i’ve updated your account so you should be able to fork things now.

https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss-android/pulls/10 ended up as merged so i’m going to upload a beta version soon-ish (fdroid APK should be auto-built tonight)

e: i’ve uploaded the beta to play store

Sweet, thank you very much for the consideration and integration!