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Expand / Collapse icons - Clickable Region too small

Hi there,
I am still new to ttrss but I found an issue that’s bugging me every time I use the web frontend (both feeds as well as the setting area):
The expand / collapse icons and the clickable regions are too small to hit the target reliably, respectively.

On iOS (both iPhone and iPad) it is a gamble to hit the expand / collapse icons. In settings view I am confronted 9 out of 10 times with the renaming feature of my category. Duh!

Is it just me? Is there any way to widen the clickable area / increase the size of the icons?

Cheers and thanks in advance.

the UI is not designed for those kinds of devices and it’s not going to change

you can always adjust paddings or sizes with user CSS

e: isn’t there a native tt-rss client for ios? maybe that would work better.

You may find this easier on mobile/tablet:



There’s also Tiny Reader, or Reeder (with the Fever API plugin).