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Error when creating filters

Hi All.

I don’t know if this is a bug or something I’ve done wrong.

I’m trying to figure out how the filters work and I got an error, with a link in which it won’t let me post.

I’m trying to create a filter to mark stories with M/M in content with a certain label or even better move them to a different category.

I hope someone here can help me in what I’m doing wrong.

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 2 column 1 of the JSON data

Tiny Tiny RSS _ Filter Error

I use windows 10 64bit, TT-RSS v19.2

I don’t think I have a system tab. I can’t see it in my preferences.

Can you please review the following thread, then come back here and update your post:

I hope the updated post is what you meant?

When you say Windows 10, are you referring to the client or server. If you want proper support (and also not getting probated) you should make sure that you are putting the information about the server. Also, the Year.X versioning scheme is obsolete, you should put the actual git commit id in your post.

if you are a non-admin user on someone elses tt-rss install you should ask whoever owns it for support.

I did login from admin account and it gives the same error as I’ve posted above, I couldn’t see anything in the event-log. (I haven’t actually run it yet, just tested it.)

I can’t see “tt-rss git” anywhere and I’m sorry I have no idea how to find it.

I found something that says Linux in the php tab of the system tab.

I use one com server and don’t understand anything linux or anything other coding.

I’m sorry if this isn’t good enough.

i don’t know what that is exactly but i’m guessing shared hosting (since you’re obviously too clueless to run a VDS).

moving to unsupported.