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Empty prefs with default profile / feeds don't update (having problems with mariadb? come here)

yeah this looks like something related to mariadb 10.4. best part is how PDO mysql ignores “;port=” in the DSN so i can’t connect tt-rss to my 10.4 mariadb in docker. amazing shit all around. really enjoying it right now.

Just for the record: I’m running Debian Jessie on production with Maria DB (10.0.38-MariaDB-0+deb8u1) and my system is updating properly and the Preferences page loads. I never did any fancy migration when I moved to this system (other than using import_export plugin to bring in starred articles).

AAAAA FUCK https://stackoverflow.com/a/35303422

And this answer describes what is happening with PDO (using “localhost” means implicitly, use sockets)


it’s like you think it can’t get any worse with this piece of shit database and ohhh boy are you wrong

My setup uses :man_shrugging:

Wait… You mean when you explicitly state localhost you’re surprised it’s using sockets? Everyone knows localhost means “TCP or file sockets depending on the mood.” :roll_eyes:

i’m explicitly mentioning CONNECTION PORT in the DSN. why would any sane driver fallback to a socket when there’s a port involved?

If you’re asking me to explain why a Linux developer is making certain design choices, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer…

I think there might be a line of thinking that file sockets can be faster under certain conditions so they go with that if it’s an option. (Of course it fails under high volume because of file descriptor limits.)

alright, minor gnashing of teeth aside, here’s the situation right now:

the gist of it is that it works and i’m kind of out of ideas here. preferences UI also works, predictably enough.

that was, you know, rhetorical.

Can someone experiencing this issue increase database logging so we can see more real-world queries?

Don’t leave it running too long like that because the logs will get huge.

@languitar you mentioned data migration, care to elaborate? can you check that tt-rss is running on InnoDB? also screenshot the above query like i did just in case.

Could someone unblock my original account and delete this one? I can’t do anything with the original account for 22 more hours as I am a new member :frowning:

try now, maybe it’ll get better.

No, still can’t post.

Seems to work again :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a dump via PM for testing.

works fine here, on mariadb 10.4. no issues with the preferences query:

MariaDB [fox_test]> SELECT DISTINCT
    -> ttrss_user_prefs.pref_name,value,type_name,
    -> ttrss_prefs_sections.order_id,
    -> def_value,section_id,owner_uid
    -> FROM ttrss_prefs,ttrss_prefs_types,ttrss_prefs_sections,ttrss_user_prefs
    -> WHERE type_id = ttrss_prefs_types.id AND
    ->         (profile = NULL OR (NULL IS NULL AND profile IS NULL)) AND
    ->         section_id = ttrss_prefs_sections.id AND
    ->         ttrss_user_prefs.pref_name = ttrss_prefs.pref_name AND
    ->         owner_uid = 2
    -> ORDER BY ttrss_prefs_sections.order_id,pref_name;
| pref_name                   | value                                                             | type_name | order_id | def_value                                                         | section_id | owner_uid |
| ALLOW_DUPLICATE_POSTS       | false                                                             | bool      |        0 | false                                                             |          1 |         2 |
| DEFAULT_UPDATE_INTERVAL     | 30                                                                | integer   |        0 | 30                                                                |          1 |         2 |
| ENABLE_API_ACCESS           | true                                                              | bool      |        0 | false                                                             |          1 |         2 |

the only other possible explanation is something going wrong with php you’re running (i’m on 7.0.33). if the query runs unmodified for you in mariadb console but fails in prefs.php then it’s something going strange with PDO.

my guess would be null semantics but idk why and how.

I can confirm I’m seeing the same issues with Maria 10.4 and PHP 7.3

& @languitar

run the query above on mariadb console, if it returns data then we can rule out mariadb being responsible.

All experiments I did were directly in console. So this happens directly in MariaDB

An the query returns zero results on MariaDB console

oh, i guess i misunderstood.

i’m out of ideas then. try making a separate container and/or a fresh database, import your dump in there and see if it gets better.

fwiw i was using mariadb:10.4 docker image, did nothing special with it or the dump, other than resetting password hash after import.

I’ve sent you a docker export of my mariadb container + the data volume via PM in case you still fancy finding out what is going on here.