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Embed_original, is still available?

Is there any way to install embed_original? The shortcut (a e Toggle embed original) still listed at the overlay help.
Look like is not longer posted at https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss-attic/src/master/plugins/embed_original
I had tried with an outdated version from https://framagit.org/framasoft/ttrss/framanews_ttrss/-/tree/full_french/plugins/embed_original
Thank you!

The problem is that embed_original opened the originating site in an iframe. Due to browser security restrictions, in order to do this the originating site had to allow it. Many sites* do not anymore because there are some security concerns involved in doing so.

*Even if sites do allow it, it’s probably not a good idea except under specific circumstances. It’s why TT-RSS does more specific checks for iframe tags during sanitizing.

Thank you for the clarification!
So, is there any way to have a feature like the one Inoreader has to show the full content?

I’ve never used Inoreader. Does it just insert the original source text from the article?

If so, you may want to look at the bundled af_readability plugin.

I just got an user at Inoreader… just to benchmark and get ideas :slight_smile:.
What they do is something like af_readability, but in real-time.

Another application that do this “real-time” transformation is Fiery Feeds with the “Text Extraction”.

I do have installed the af_readability plugin, thank you for the recommendation.

af_readability could be updated to fetch specific articles just as well (working like embed_original), i don’t really see the point in this though.

feed either has or doesn’t have full text in rss content, if it doesn’t and you’re interested in it, enable readability. if not, then not.

also, i’m not adding twenty difference choosable full text parsers to tt-rss. that’s why we have plugins.

e: if there’s enough interest in adding a button to af_readability to work like embed_original i can see if it can be easily implemented

then again i had some free time

I got a little nervous for a minute when I clicked through to that (first) commit and didn’t see the content being sanitized. :slightly_smiling_face: (For those reading this later: the content is sanitized, the code was just added in another commit.)

I think this is a good addition though. I have some feeds that occasionally link to outside sites and it’ll be nice to just click a button and get the content.

btw thanks for noticing, i’m going to update this to invoke readability embedding instead.

Thank you! Works very good.
Could it be possible this feature to work as a toggle? I mean, being able to get back to the original feed?

sure https://git.tt-rss.org/fox/tt-rss/commit/4e74da590ee935c2187dd02f6c2b312680065f13

It’s perfect! Thank you!

I enabled af_readability hoping it would help me get the original text for Beckers Hospital Review, http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/index.php?option=com_ninjarsssyndicator&feed_id=1&format=raw, but it has no effect.

I found the toggle for af_readibility in the browser but there does not seem to be any such option in the Android app. Further the toggle is per article and not global.

Have I missed something?

It uses heuristics to find the article so it’s possible it won’t work on every site, especially sites that use weird layouts.

If you enable the plugin, you have to Edit the feed in question, go the Plugins tab, and enable it. This will turn it on for every article in that feed.

Alternatively, after enabling the plugin, you can create a filter which will trigger its use per-article.

More alternatively, you can leave it off for feeds and articles and use a button in the web UI to fetch the article in real time as you’re reading it.

e: The Android app is a separate entity so options in there are distinct from the web UI. If you enable the Readability plugin for articles or feeds, obviously the Android app will show whatever content the web server fetches.

Thank you, I had not enabled the plugin for the feeds I need it for. I did so and saw a big improvement. There may still be one or two that did not benefit.